As a private singer/songwriting coach, Sue helps students fine-hone their own unique style, write and sing honestly, and find that which is unique in each of us. There is an emphasis on listening to that still small voice and answering it in deep, new and thoughtful ways. Lessons are based each week on a question, dialogue, exercise, follow-up and a performance of chosen song that students want to work on. Sue teaches a popular group songwriting class dealing with expanding the creative process.

Sue primarily teaches at Old Town School of Folk Music but does travel to do her workshops.


Vocal Improvisation with Sue Demel from Sons of the Never Wrong
An improvisation workshop designed specifically for singer-songwriters, Sue Demel will share improv tips and tricks for one’s live performances as well as ways to employ improv tools to expand written melodies. Students are invited to bring their own songs in for in-class example. Sue has devised an 11 point Improvisation Checklist to take the fear out of leaving the melody and finding new inspiration. Some principles discussed in class: warm-ups, dynamics, scat, call & response, and tempo. This is an interactive class that invites the students to challenge themselves and their music! “Find ways to break through your own glass ceiling without getting hurt a bit!” Show & Tell to follow.

7 QUESTIONS: Songwriting Workshop with Sue Demel
Sue Demel has designed a syllabus based of 7 questions and an artists own personal creative journey to answer them with their own work: Why do I Write? How can I perform my work honestly? etc… Recharge your songwriting, singing, and performance (inner and outer) voice. 
Principles discussed in class are: dynamics, stream of consciousness writing, harmony, poetry, meter, etc. Provided enough time this class can be interactive with students walking away with the beginnings of their own song and a simple How-To outline. This class will make you laugh and work and laugh some more. 
“Sometimes questions are more important than answers.” Nancy Willard

HARMONY & SONG-BUILDING for the Singer/Songwriter with Sue Demel
Sue Demel, well known for her soaring, original harmonies offers this fun and helpful workshop for Singer/Songwriters looking to add harmony & new arrangements to their original songs. This hands-on class invites students to bring their original songs, share them, and then with Sue’s specific help, break each song down and rebuild with new tips to expand on the songs potential. Sue will demystify the harmony building process and invite the students to try the ideas on for size one at a time. Some principles discussed in-class will be: song-building, breaking tradition, weaving lines, common-notes, and melodic themes. Q & A to follow. This class is specifically helpful to singer/songwriters and bands that are preparing to record. 

Book Sue for her workshops: J.O’Reilly Productions 773 203.7661