“Demel has an almost manic singing ability.”


“Sue Demel has one of the more unique voices in folk music today.”

Sing Out Magazine

“And then there’s Sue Demel, a singular voice: a rich, athletic, octave-hurtling instrument that purrs and growls, rocks the foundation and raises the roof. Demel is a well-tuned Maserati. She delivers with such a resplendent shimmer, you almost expect her to blink into a column of light.”

Huffington Post

“Sue Demel has a voice that amazes even the most jaded music writer”

Lerner News

“And Sue Demel, as far as I am concerned, is a Chicago icon. The only way you are going go get a Sue Demel sound is from Sue Demel.”

The Herald Palladium

“Absolute highlight for me are those songs where Sue Demel is the lead singer.. a singer that sings from the heart. I love her powerful but at the same time sensitive way of singing. When Demel sings, I believe every word and I have to listen. Hard to explain, but this is a singer that conquered my heart. From now on I’m a fan of Sue Demel”

Folk World (Europe’s Folk, World & Roots Music Scene)

“Demel’s song stylings are both poignant and hilarious”

New City Stage

“With a heart as big as her voice and soul in her soles, Sue Demel is an artist to tickle your senses.”

Julie Nakagawa/Artistic Director – DanceWorks Chicago

“Strains of Edie Brickell can be heard in her song Way to Go, which gives way to writer Demel’s twangy belting and wont to literally chew on words. Her riveting Queen of Today is a stunningly romantic love song that would fit nicely on Richard and Linda Thompson’s I want to See the Bright Lights Tonight. it also contains a lyric that damn near makes me cry every time: “If I had one wish back down on the earth/I’d fly back in time to the place of my birth/And I would live the whole thing over, make all the same mistakes/if it meant it would lead to the day I saw your face.”

High Bias Magazine

“Demel’s voice is an amazing instrument so completely in tune to songs that
others write.”

Music Critic Paul Barile

“The voice of Sue Demel is one of the prettiest voices I’ve heard, distinctive and beautiful, that suits the music well. Her ballad Say Goodbye is one of the most beautiful I have ever heard in my life.”

Icon Music Magazine/Norway

“Demel soars as only she can in her indescribable half soprano, half yodel,
phenomenal and fully breathtaking voice.”

UniverCity Magazine

“Many of you guys out there get to experience the Sue Demel experience. If you don’t you are missing a Chicago treasure and a true offering to the celestial muse. Though we don’t know it, we wait a long time looking for something really special – enter Sue Demel. If you can’t see her with the Chamber Blues – don’t worry. Just make sure you see her with Sons or in any other form. Sue Demel is someone to know and to experience. This is going to be WILD!”

Corky Siegel

“Demel is a gifted writer and her new songs are among her best.”

U.S. 1 Texas

“Sue Demel, schooled in jazz, combines scat singing with a yodeling style that gives her a very unique vocal technique. Imagine a cross between Alanis Morissette and Sarah McLachlan, but so much more.”

Chicago Reader

“Demel performs with joy, abandon & excellence, her voice invites you to feel a sense of celebration, humor & awe.”

Woodwalk Concert Series

“Sue Demel is one of the most talented singers I‘ve ever had the chance to work with. Her sense of pitch is incredible; her presentation of any lyric always draws the listener in; the sonic and emotional range of her voice is like no one I’ve ever heard. It seems like Sue never runs out of ideas; her spontaneous nature always brings something new to every performance. There is no one to compare her to – she has her own unique sound, the mark of a true artist. it is an honor to know her and have the opportunity to collaborate with her.”

Michael Allemana

“Demel has a soulful voice that sneaks into your heart and makes a cozy home there. Her songwriting supports the visceral, emotional quality of her voice, but it is also imbued with its own sense of searching.”

Local Vocal Magazine


(Some of the Venues Sue has played either with Sons, Come Sunday, Corky Siegel, or Solo)

Kerrville Folk Fest, Kennedy Center, Chicago Jazz Festival, Millenium Park, The Green Mill, The Mayne Stage, Lumber Performing Arts Center, The Birchmere, The Blue Moon, Cafe Carpe, Acoustic Renaissance, Clearwater Folk Fest, The Crossing, Martyr’s, Club Passim, Swallow Hill Fest, Krannert Perf. Arts Ctr,. Kirkland Arts Ctr., Bliss Fest, Black Rock, Great Waters Folk Fest, Folk & Roots Fest, Genessee Theater, Meijer Auditorium, Crooked Tree, Redwood Fest, Erie Folk Fest, Frieght & Salvage, The Ark, Ann Arbor Folk Fest, The Sanctuary, Harris Theater, Makor, Old Town School of Folk Music, Iron Horse, Amazing Things, DePaul Univ., Rosary College, Beloit Univ., Cerritos Center for Performing Arts, Acorn Theater, Front Porch, The Park West, First Avenue, Northwestern Univ., Big Top Chautaqua, Schuba’s, Nor’easter Folk Fest, Symphony Center, Godfrey Daniels, The Metro, Door County Audit., Space, CalTech Univ., Peg Egan Auditorium…